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Come follow me down the rabbit hole into PSIBERIA on my once and future psi adventures with allies, mentors, visonaries, colleagues, cybergeeks and phreaks. Let's do the mindwarp again.


Consultant and transdisciplinarian Iona Miller is a nonfiction writer, hypnotherapist and multimedia artist doing groundbreaking work on the fusion of science-art, chaos theory, plenum physics, and emergent paradigm shift in experiential psychotherapy, new physics, biophysics, psionics, photonics, VR, philosophy, cosmology, healing, creativity, qabalah, magick, metaphysics, and society. See annual CHAOSOPHY JOURNAL at homepage and

PHYSICS has broken our entropic chains with negentropic models of Zero Point Energy, the Plenum of subspace. Negentropy is the generative force of the universe. Syntropy is an even better name for it. We have a direct connection with creative Source; we are That.

CULTURE: Physics has jumped its classical boundaries, making a quantum leap into the EM fields of our biophysical reality. The energy body is our fundamental nature. An analogous creative current informs ART that jumps the canvas into digital multimedia. HEALING has jumped the consulting room into nonlocality and virtuality.

FUTURESHOCK: The next technologies are those of the infinitely small: nanotech, photonics, and cold fusion. Psionics will revolutionize culture with both new means of mind control and self-regulation: Electromagic, Yogatronics. Currently, we access computers manually, but soon we will have neural interface.

CULTURAL ENGINEERING: We will morph from Cyber-culture to PSI-ber Culture, with challenges humanity has never faced. We may not even be "humanity," but trans-human. The advent of the cellular camera/phone means we are never alone, and always accountable, and on GPS. In the global era, there is no more first-person singular; "they" are inside your head. Web life is Voluntary ESP.

SELF-REGULATION: The antidote to groupthink, to the new conformity of the NOT-SEES, to political and media mind control is self-care and self-regulation. Take a break daily from consensus reality, the lowest common denominator of consciousness. Creative physics leads to a new paradigm for human survival technology, beyond our wornout mechanistic worldview. New media creates the environments of the future, the cultural ground. The "doors of perception" between Reality and the Imaginal are sprung wide open. Immersive Virtualities will soon make "real fantasy" possible.

PARAPHYSICS: Rooted in the quantum nature of Cosmos, we are Photonic Humans: Homo Lumen, holistically aware of and cultivating our energy and Light Bodies. Art is Magic and Magic is Art. At the creative edge of chaos, it is we ourselves who are living embodiments of negentropic flow, if we live from that connective Source, from that Essence. This is the true nature of Manifestation.

QUANTUM BONDAGE: According to quantum mechanics and consciousness studies, we are essentially "embodied, embedded, entangled and bound." Consciousness studies are concerned with the "hard problem" and "binding problem". How can we create an objective science with a purely subjective consciousness? How does a unified consciousness arise from from the distributed activity of quanta, neurons, brain and CNS? How do perceptions combine into unified experience? It sounds like Quantum Bondage!

SPIRITUALITY: Kabbalah presents spiritual correlates for emanation and material bondage of light and the soul with a spiritual technology for reconnecting to Source: "one magical movement, from Kether to Malkuth". The word "religion" comes from "religio", meaning to bind back in a sort of recursive manner. What ties our spirit to our body? What binds our consciousness to the fabric of reality? The knower and the known are mutually entangled.

PSIENCE: Can we find radical empirical confirmation of Mystery? Perhaps not, but we can still seek integration, contemporize our metaphors and liberate knowledge from the branding of religions and corporations. The human genome is in private corporate ownership; our minds are massaged by corporate media propaganda. Learn to navigate the mindscape.

ACTIVISM: We must draw the line at our hearts, bending back toward soul and spirit. We have to claim our future and humanity by developing (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) human survival technologies, by romancing the Philosopher's Stone. Be your own Reality Pilot.

PSIONICS: Weblife or Cyberspace has caused us to develop new ways of sensing in the Virtuality. PSIBER-VISION, the ability to picture and imagine experiences at a distance, facilitates development of Remote Viewing. Online we can live more of our quantum wave aspects, being smeared across several timezones at once, rather than confined to a point-particle meatbody. Mankind is only beginning to realize vast new psychophysical potentials. Maybe the original 'remote viewer' was the Observer Self, independent of the body, space, time and ego.


Like it or not we have become CYBORGS, part human, part machine. There is no turning back, but rather than just romping in our "chip bodies", we seriously need to focus on human survival technologies, for we may not BE human much longer.

Currently, we access computers manually; when we move to BCI, brain/computer interfacing EVERYTHING will change, and we will change with it. Neural impulses will be used to control electronics. Nanotech will reinvent our bodies. Cortical plasticity will result in new areas of cultural engineering...not all user-friendly.

We need to stay in touch with the Anthropomorphic Physical not be swallowed by the Android Meme. Paradoxically, the unlikely solution may lie in the unholy pact with the Machine in psychotronics or yogatronics. Ironically, it may require fighting fire with electronic fire to prevent our neurocircuits from being hijacked by electronic smog and lockdown media mind control. Let's hope our wisdom keeps pace with our technology.

The approach of many self-serving, so-called experts is very "last century", fine for Boomers; no good for the younger generations, and their info-absorption style. Their wisdom comes with a price-tag. So much of what people say is a consolidating re-hash of the past or traditional wisdom without much foresight for our future-shocked planet. Everyone sees the problem, but few offer solutions. Even if the apps are killer they may soon be obsolete or superceded by more streamlined technique or technology. Most eclectic approaches won't outlive their devisors. Ancient-Future fusion will take many forms, tecnological and otherwise, we can't even imagine yet. There is already a mind-boggling array of brain generators from Light/Sound machines, Holosynch, Shakti helmet, CES, Wild Divine, and other means of driving Alpha and Theta rhythms.

Media-prophet Marshall McLuhan told Tim Leary the key to this work is advertising; drugs are already obsolete. We are promoting a product: the new and improved accelerated brain. We must use the most current tactics for arousing consumer interest for the pathfinders of the future. Associate PSIONICS with all the good things that the brain can produce: beauty, fun, philosophic wonder, religious revelation, increased intelligence, mystical romance. "Word of mouth from satisfied consumers helps, but get your rock and roll friends to write jingles about the brain." We might sing, "PSIONICS hits the spot. Forty billion neurons, that's a lot."

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Doctrine of Intentionality

Jung (1961) said, "To this day God is the name by which I designate all things which cross my willful path violently and recklessly; all things which upset my subjective views, plans and intentions and change the course of life for better or worse."

Jung was not enamoured with his own willful intentionality, but quite the reverse. He virtually divininzed chaotic perturbation. He didn't worship his subjective views, nor set himself up a mini-Creator god of his own reality. He recognized transpersonal dynamics beyond the influence of personality. He did have a holistic, spiritual orientation, and arguably his highest value was meaning. He found great meaning in synchronicities, such as psi phenomena, because they opened a window on a deeper level of process and organization in nature and phenomenology.

There are several subcultures whose worldviews embrace psi phenomena as Reality, or react as if they do from governments to tribal people to new agers and neo-pagans to therapists and leading-edge researchers. Even the most skeptical scientist can be superstitious sometimes. But psi may prove to be more than just an artifact of primitive belief. Meta-narratives emerge as literature, psychology, sociology, religion or philosophy. The philosophy of science describes the dynamics of the scientific method.

Just because the subject of psi remains objectively problematical doesn’t mean we should stop systematic investigation, both scientifically and metaphysically. Babies don’t know how the world works so they constantly keep testing their environment, over and over; are we just cosmic babies? We must be willing to question our own beliefs, comprehending the nature of subjctivity, experimenter bias, and that the mind deploys them as explanations for unknown agency, the blindspots of our consciousness.

“Fill in the blank” explanations can be outlandish, possible, plausible, probable, or match reality. The distinction between "true believers" and skeptics comes at the point of interpretation of phenomena, attributions of the source of events or perceptions, whether one's model is psibernetics, "magical thinking", external agents, holistic mysticism, or physicalism. A theist will tend to attribute positive expectations to God, a pagan to nature, a humanist to self, and an atheist to complex dynamics, or randomness. A debunker is dismissive. A true skeptic remains open-minded, at home in the ambiguity.

The fashionable term for mind/matter interaction is now "intentionality", as if that explains anything. You may as well call it karma, luck, or free will, or True Will, like the magicians do. Karma, whether you believe in it or not, at its root just means natural consequences of behavior. Dharma would better express a non-willful intentionality. Yet to name psi expression intentionality doesn't make it so. In actual fact, most of us can’t form enough intentionality to drink the amount of water the body needs each day. The unresolved New Year’s resolution is a truism. What makes us think we can be more consistently intentional in the extradimensional? It is a fantasy of intentionality, a subjective hypothesis that human intervention at some subtle level perturbs outcomes in some desirable manner.

People often mystify their experiences unnecessarily when they don't have a more plausible explanation. It is endlessly interesting to speculate on, but the notion that the all-knowing nonlocal field identity exerts some influence over environment and personality may simply be mythopoesis, myth-making. In mythopoesis many cultural forms meet and form an organic fusion. Does the contemporary revival of myth with focus on our creative potential point to the possibility of a unified world, a neo-Utopian variant?

The real question is why do all cultures engage in mythopoeisis? Mythopoesis mean change, re-mythologizing in times of cultural chaos. What I mean here is not a mis-spelling, but an amalgamation of mythopoesis or story-making and the autopoeitic self-organization of chaos theory; self-maintaining unity. Autopoiesis describes the way living systems address and engage domains in which they operate. What human need do these mythically patterned meta-theories fill? Identification with the field body may just be another way of being attached to a belief to explain the Unknowable, to push the agent back beyond the threshold of observability.

The notion "we create our own reality" is a relative truth. From a Jungian point of view, any "intentionality" we could exert would be subject to the competing agendas of autonomous archetyal forces and dynamics that don't give a fig about your personality needs. Existentially, we are moved by more than a single metaphor, a single role, a singular self-image.

Even in chaos theory, many forget there are strange repellors as well as strange attractors. Resonance is another buzzword rapidly equalling the old standby of spiritualism, “vibrations”, which has found vindication in quantum and vacuum fluctuation. But somehow, both in our lives and quantum mechanics, these extradimensional entanglements are hypostasized: characterized yet unobservable, beyond physics, and therefore strictly speaking, metaphysical.

The ancients conceived of magic working through focus; now a diffuse holistic awareness is preferred. Whether we think we are changing reality through a focused act of will or even by "broad-beam" self-transformation the whole scenario may be a self-delusion cast in perennial truths and pseudo-scientific terms. If it bothers or offends you to think otherwise, this is more likely true. There is emotional attachment there, not clarity. If you think you can do it by "aligning" yourself rather than manifestation, why are you harboring fantasies of misalignment? It makes little sense that the particle "intends" and the field "corresponds"; in Nature, the reverse leads to manifestion. Is this notion harboring a God-complex, a control fantasy in an otherwise uncontrollable world?

Intentions may or may not exert a nonlocal organizing effect. They do when they mobilize effective action. Often the 'butterfly effect' of chaos theory is invoked for pumping holistic mental effects up to macro- proportions. But chaos theory doesn't organize through intentionality; just the opposite, by criticality, even catastrophic breakdown.

Correlation is not identity. There is appearance being and process being, which correlate with particle/wave. We are both particle and field, and they are both complex, and may be analogous or metaphorically connected to the hypothesis of intentionality - but that doesn't make it real: it makes it a belief, an operational worldview. The ego somehow facilitating the holistic self to manifest is solipsistic, because the field self is in no way diminished even by negative thinking by personality.

If you think intentionality works for you, that is an interpretation, an arbitrary allocation of a cause to a perceived effect, which may be largely unrelated. Once the narrative is "set", that becomes the story and the person zealously sticks to it, right or wrong. This is human nature and the nature of emotional investment. It may be the eternal human yen to create order from the fear and chaos of our lives and cleave to faith in the Great Beyond, whatever one thinks resides there.

A myriad of "brandable" new age technologies are based on non-scientific interpretations and confabulations of scientific theory. Though having its own organic root in metaphysics, new age tech has hijacked and romanticized the philosophical territory of psi research with its own prosaic interpretations. Because it makes a romantically appealing metaphor doesn't mean it matches up with naked Reality. Often incompatible physics theories are confounded together for the so-called explanations.

Psi researchers must be careful to see these explanatory buzzwords like 'alignment' and 'intentionality' for what they are, smoke and mirrors explaining nothing, not what some say they are. Like the next new buzzword, "extradimensionality", it is just a displacement into the Unknown of a process that may be something entirely other than what the experiencer thinks it is. To get to the Truth we have to follow the age old axiom to Know Thyself, and be willing to engage in some conceptual atom-smashing of our cherished notions. Otherwise, it is a pre-conceived self-confirmatory journey for validation not a Quest for knowledge.

Rather than extradimensional participation in some subtle physics process, it may just be another trick of the mind - in the end, nothing more than a concept that doesn't match up with nor describe Reality. Oh sure, intentionality may function mystically in some nonfungable parallel universe, or that could be just another mentally attractive perennial fantasy. Those most concerned with “changing the paradigm” may be among those most firmly attached to their own idiosyncratic interpretations.

If there are memes in our culture, there are strange attractors in our thought patterns, that can harden into fixed beliefs. The fact is we don't know, and anyone who charges you and says they do is either a fraud or self-deluded, or both. We are components of mythic culture which recursively regenerates itself in a network of self-similar productions. Anywhere there is non-equilibrium, a gap in personal or cultural awareness, myth will self-organize a meta-narrative to fill the lacuna. Mythic beliefs are self-contained; even fantasies of holism automatically exclude other options, except through embedding and hierarchy.

There are many aspects of psi, some more credible and testable than others, ESP (information transfer) being the most plausble, psychokinesis (mind over matter) most problematical. Serious researchers are beyond parlour tricks such as seances, regressions, or ghostbusting. Still, there is no scientific or spiritual consensus about the mechanics of physics or consciousness, much less mind/matter interaction. But Mystery doesn't need to be metaphysical, mystical, nor dismissed as "noetic nonsense". It simply isn't limited by any of our concepts nor scientific blindspots. We can just admit we stand in the Mystery.

The way to keep a Path alive is to walk on it, but occasionally we can wander off barefoot into the wilds. When we make a volitional choice we are participating in a process that favors one history rather than another becomeing real. The probability universes which led to other possibilities now largely or completely collapse. Since we are all doing this its a very complex process, but our awareness of history is a reduction of a superabundant quantum universe into a few of us angels dancing on the head of a pin called planet earth.




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Re-vision qabala. We need a contemporary qabala for today, a 21st Century qabala, suitable for our "ground", our electronic environment. There is no advantage in our remaining locked up in any cultural cycle, exchanging hoary grimoires and number matrices, as if in a trance or a dream. If you go obsessively looking for something in the matrix, you are sure to find it. Discover the means of living simultaneously in all cultural modes while quite conscious. All spiritual worldviews, including science, are narratives or interpretations of the nature of reality and our nature. We can make our practice and service contemporary by drawing on each era and drawing them forward into the future.



 NEW SITE: May, 2006 MY ZERO POINT: Find Your Own Zero Point

DISCOVER THE WHOLE IN YOUR SOUL.  All of Nature and our own nature arises from the omnipresent centerpoint of Zero-Point Energy or vacuum fluctuation, beyond energy/matter.  Our whole body flickers in and out of existence at an astounding rate, and each of those quantum recreations is an opportunity to transform utterly.